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Rubio on sexual harassment: People need to ‘stop being creeps’

Marco Rubio 3

via @learyreports

Sen. Marco Rubio this morning said people "need to stop being creeps" and "regulate" themselves when it comes to sexual harassment.

"The more power people have, sometimes, the more immune they think they are, sometimes, from the rules," Rubio said during an interview on Capitol Hill. 

Participating in a Politico Playbook event as scandals continue to emerge on Capitol Hill, Rubio said he wasn't sure why allegations didn't stop Donald Trump.

"Part of it is that it happened in the midst of a heated and divisive political campaign where people are going to keep to their corners," the Florida Republican said. "Beyond that, I don't know."

Rubio repeated his opposition to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore but displayed the conflicted thinking about the seat.

"It is a complicated, difficult situation. Because on the one hand, as a Republican, you want the Republican Party to keep the seat. On the other hand, I personally find the accusations against him to be credible and I don't think he has done or said anything in the last month that has helped himself or in any way made me feel better about it.

"But he's staying in the race, the people of Alabama will have their vote and we'll move on from there."

Rubio had previously said that Moore will face a tough time if elected, given a probable ethics investigation that could bring out more details.