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Corcoran’s agenda to take center stage in the House

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.50.29 AM
When legislators take their seats on the floor of the Florida House this afternoon, they will be considering an agenda both bearing the stamp of House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s legislative priorities and aligned favorably with fiscal conservatives.
The Land O'Lakes Republican, who is in his final session and considering a run for governor, is using his personal bully pulpit to push an array of causes, including banning so-called sanctuary cities (HB 9), ending subsidies for sports teams like the Tampa Bay Rays (HB 13) and banning future redevelopment agencies (HB 17). Also among the sixteen bills being heard this afternoon are a repeal of Florida’s no-fault auto insurance system (HB 19) and legislation that would set new barriers to local tax increases (HB 7).
Though advocates are expected to protest the sanctuary cities bill at the Capitol before the session begins, Corcoran’s priorities are primed for passage in the Republican-majority House. The House Democratic caucus has criticized the agenda as Corcoran's play for the more right-wing members of his party.  
The House outcome may also be likely, but their future in the Senate will be an uphill fight. Several of the bills being heard on the floor died in the Senate last year.
Photo: AP/Steve Cannon