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State House candidate says twice-convicted consultant isn't his campaign manager

Jeff Garcia


At the depths of his descent from congressional chief of staff to political pariah, Jeffrey Garcia believed his career running campaigns was over.

He’d served jail time for illegally requesting hundreds of absentee ballots for oblivious voters in 2012, and admitted to creating a phony tea party candidate two years earlier to siphon votes away from his boss’ Republican nemesis. His hair shorn and his reputation soiled, Garcia told the world that he was through.

“His reputation as a political consultant is non-existent, except as the poster boy for crossing the line,” Garcia’s attorney, Henry Bell, explained to a judge ahead of his 2015 sentencing. “No longer welcome in campaign operations because of the notoriety associated with his misdeeds and his acceptance of responsibility, Mr. Garcia has left that life and career behind.”

Well, not exactly.

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