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Parkland did it: Legislators to consider age limits and waiting periods on assault weapons

0073+Gun+Protest+Fed+Courthouse+Day+4+021718After visits to Parkland left them horrified at the ease with which a gunman could kill 17 people in six minutes, Florida legislators in both the House and Senate are doing something they have resisted for years: drafting legislation to limit access to semi-automatic rifles.

“We owe it to victims of families on what I now consider the absolute most important issue of the session,'' said Sen. Bill Galvano, the Bradenton Republican who will become the next Senate president, who has taken the lead in putting together a wide-ranging Senate proposal.

But while the measures are moving quickly in the aftermath of the shooting, they also fall far short of the assault weapons ban called for by the grieving students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Story here.