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Rubio launches anti-Maduro Facebook page for Venezuelans

Marco Rubio 3


Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio launched a new Facebook page on Wednesday to communicate directly with Venezuelans and Venezuelan dissidents living abroad, his office announced. 

"The Facebook page will serve as a platform for Rubio’s office to share information about U.S. efforts against the Maduro regime and Rubio’s ongoing efforts to support the Venezuelan people’s cause of freedom and democracy," his office said in a press release. 

The outreach effort is the latest example of Rubio's status as a face for opposition to Nicolás Maduro's government. Rubio delivered a speech on independent Venezuelan TV last year, brought Venezuelan human rights Lilian Tintori to the White House and is pushing for additional sanctions on Caracas, including a ban on oil imports, until it implements democratic reforms. 

South Florida Republicans have made Venezuela a key foreign policy issue in recent years, arguing that Cuba props up the Venezuelan government with aid as its people starve.   

"For a lot of people in Venezuela, Facebook is the way they get news from outside, especially with the increased ownership of media and control of media by the Maduro regime," Rubio said in a statement. "So the purpose of this Facebook page is to be able to communicate directly to the people of Venezuela so that they know what’s going on in the world, what’s going on in their own country and what our efforts are here – they are not to target or hurt them."