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Here's video of someone shoving cash in a purse on Daphne Campbell's birthday



On the night state Sen. Daphne Campbell celebrated her 60th birthday, friends and associates regaled her with dancers, dinner and a double-tiered cake and flowers at the Miami Shores Country Club. At the end of the evening, she was gifted with a black-and-white Kate Spade purse with diamond patterns.

And then someone shoved cash inside.

Exactly how much money Campbell received during the reelection campaign fundraiser isn’t known. But this much is: If Campbell kept the cash, she did so in violation of state law because she reported none of it.

The Democratic senator — whose long track record of ethical missteps and criminal investigations has made her one of Florida’s more controversial elected officials — says the whole thing was a gag, as does the businessman who gave her the money. Campbell criticized a reporter for asking her about the video, denying that money was ever exchanged and hanging up twice during an interview.

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