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From Trump's Doral resort, Republicans say they're 'ready to defy history'

McDaniel AP


The RNC is not in denial.

The Republican National Committee knows the nation's ruling party historically loses ground in midterm elections, and that the headwinds leading into November favor the Democrats. They know that the president is constantly in the news at the center of the controversy of the day.

But Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says the party is not sweating.

In Doral this week for its spring meeting, the RNC dismissed the talk of a surging left, and touted the construction of the kind of wall made to hold back a Democratic "blue wave." On Friday, from the Trump National Doral, McDaniel acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead, but predicted the party will hold on to the U.S. House of Representatives. In a short speech, she promoted Republicans’ fundraising, their legislative accomplishments and a pricey data program developed over the past six years to help candidates specifically target voters.

“We are ready to defy history,” she said.

Depending on who’s counting, the president’s party tends to lose around 30 seats in Congress during the midterm elections. This year, to rule once again in the House, Democrats must flip about two dozen seats — coincidentally the number of districts where voters favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump two years ago, McDaniel noted Friday.

But for all the talk of Democrats taking competitive legislative races over the last year, McDaniel said Republicans still won five of six special congressional elections this year (none of the seats changed hands). And she predicted that tax cuts, a “booming” labor market and an energized grass-roots movement overlooked by an out-of-touch media will keep the party in power.

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