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Miami Republicans defy GOP leadership to force votes on a DACA solution

Mario Diaz-Balart


Miami Republican Reps. Carlos Curbelo and Mario Diaz-Balart are trying to force votes on four immigration bills, bypassing Speaker Paul Ryan and House GOP leadership which has been resistant to any immigration proposal that doesn't have 218 Republican votes.

Curbelo filed a petition on Wednesday that would require Congress to vote on a proposal known as "Queen of the Hill," an arcane legislative maneuver that allows the majority of Congress to vote on a legislative solution for DACA recipients who are currently mired in legal limbo after Congress and the White House failed to find a solution earlier this year.

The courts are trying to determine the legality of President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, an Obama-era executive action that protected 690,000 young immigrations from potential deportation.
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