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Ron DeSantis releases first TV ad touting Trump, military record

Desantis ad
Screen capture | YouTube

After much speculation about when U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis would hit the airwaves, his campaign has released his first ad in the governor's race.

The flashy ad begins with a deep-voiced narrator describing the Congressman, alternating with giant text reading "ONLY DESANTIS" over a black screen.

"Ron DeSantis: Iraq war veteran, JAG officer who dealt with terrorists in Guantanamo Bay."

"Ron DeSantis: the guts to fight establishment politicians in both parties to drain the swamp."

It even depicts DeSantis speaking to a news camera, a likely reference to his many Fox News appearances. And it of course features Donald Trump, who has endorsed DeSantis and praised him several times on Twitter.

According to David Vasquez, spokesman for the DeSantis campaign, there will be more TV ads to follow, and all TV advertising for the campaign up to Election Day will cost a total of $12 million. 

This first ad contrasts heavily with the approach of his Republican opponent, Adam Putnam, whose ads have featured him in rolled-up sleeves, talking directly to the camera on a farm and describing his upbringing in Bartow.

DeSantis attacked Putnam during several northern Florida campaign stops over the weekend, calling him the "pied piper of the cheap labor caucus" for his opposition to e-verify, and "the toast of Tallahassee" and "the insider class," according to local news reports.