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David Beckham gets a public hearing today for his Miami soccer stadium


Via @JoeFlech

Miami commissioners will not be voting on a final plan for a Major League Soccer stadium complex on Melreese golf course.

It might be easy to think that's what is happening at Miami City Hall on Thursday, given the buzz around David Beckham's plans for creating a soccer complex and his anticipated appearance to pitch that vision — and the public debate it has sparked.

But what commissioners are actually considering is whether they want to ask Miami voters if the city should change its rules for competitive bidding on private use of public land.

In other words, the commission could on Thursday vote to hold a referendum in November when voters could decide if they want to change Miami's laws so the city administration could negotiate a deal for Beckham's group to lease more than half of Melreese Country Club, near Miami International Airport, for a sprawling soccer, office, shopping and entertainment complex.

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