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Is Rick Scott right to think releasing his schedule presents more of security risk than any gov before him? Lawsuit wants to know

Rick Scott and policeA not-for-profit healthcare company that lost a bid to renew its Medicaid contract with the state had a question for Gov. Rick Scott: Where can we find you?

They asked his staff to send them a copy of his schedule — in the office and on the campaign trail — for the next three months so they could talk to him about their concerns.

They argued that documents, compiled and recorded by taxpayer-paid staff and followed by the state’s top executive, his security entourage and other people on the state payroll, are public record and ought to be available for anyone in the state to see.

But the governor’s office wouldn’t turn them over, claiming the details on those calendars are exempt from public disclosure. His communications staff says it's about protecting the governor from a security risk -- even shielding details from calendars from years ago -- a higher standard than any governor before him. Story here.