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New lighthearted Ron DeSantis ad features his family, Trump jokes

Ron DeSantis teaches his toddler daughter, Madison, to "build the wall" | YouTube screen grab

It's that time of year: Less than a week after Adam Putnam's campaign launched a statewide negative ad calling him "D.C. DeSantis" and saying he voted to raise sales tax to 23%, Ron DeSantis has launched a statewide ad of his own.

This ad is a 180 from his previous ones, which were flashy and serious. Instead, this ad features his family, including his wife, Casey DeSantis, who is a TV host, and their two very young children.

"Everyone knows my husband Ron DeSantis is endorsed by President Trump," says Casey DeSantis, in the opening of the ad. "But he's also an amazing dad. Ron loves playing with the kids."

It then cuts to the Florida Congressman teaching his toddler daughter to "build the wall" out of building blocks and how to say "Make America Great Again," as well as him reading Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal" to his 4-month-old son, who is later pictured wearing a tiny red jumper in the style of a MAGA hat.

The ad will hit the airwaves starting Tuesday. The campaign spokesman, David Vasquez, would only say that its airing cost "millions."