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New DeSantis TV ad uses footage from Trump Tampa rally

Desantis rally ad
A screen grab from the ad on Youtube

From tweets to a new TV ad, the DeSantis campaign is squeezing every last political drop from President Trump's visit to Tampa last week.

The new TV ad features video from the rally, including Trump's calling DeSantis a "tough, brilliant cookie."

It also features clips from DeSantis's speech, during which he repeated his campaign's major talking points: "getting the Constitution back in our classrooms," "fight illegal immigration" and "enact e-verify and stop sanctuary cities." Trump can be seen standing next to him on stage.

It's worth noting that the Florida Legislature has already passed a law that requires civics education for Florida middle schoolers. Last year, the state also required students attending state colleges or universities to pass a civics test or class which includes "an understanding of the U.S. Constitution."

Civics education in public schools could also become added to the state's constitution this year, as it is one part of a three-pronged education amendment that is currently slated to be on the November ballot.

The ad will be aired statewide beginning Tuesday, the latest of several back-to-back expensive, statewide ad buys from both DeSantis and his Republican opponent, Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam.