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Singer once 'endorsed by Jesus' cuts a music video for Daphne Campbell


We want to thank our friends at POLITICO for pointing out what may be the greatest campaign video of all time.

Or maybe it's the greatest campaign video for all time?

We'll let you mull it over.

Either way, it's an ad that could only be cut in Miami. POLITICO describes it thusly in Tuesday's Florida Playbook:

DAPHNE — Daphne Campbell has long been an oddity in Florida politics, and she knows how to win. But the South Florida Democrat is facing her toughest primary in years. So she’s releasing one of the midterm’s best – or most Daphne -- ads. In short, “it’s Daphne Campbell.” You have to watch it. Campbell’s instant-camp campaign spot is in the proud tradition of unconventional ads in the North Miami Beach area. In 2010, Rudy Moise ran a forgetful campaign against U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, but he left behind this memorable autotuned video, replete with blingy palm trees where people keep saying his name over and over again (it’s a master work). Three years later, a candidate for North Miami Beach touted the ultimate endorsement: Jesus Christ. But it made sense because, she said, she had triumphed over voodoo sorcery.

We'll pick up where POLITICO left off.

The failed mayoral candidate who touted Jesus' endorsement, Anna Pierre, is the same Anna Pierre who produced and wrote "Daphne's Song," according to the credits at the end of the video. Pierre, who sang the Creole-language hit, Suk Su Bon Bon (Sugar on my Cookie), is listed on the credits as the singer, writer and producer of the song.

When Pierre finished in last place in the 2013 mayoral contest, she said North Miami had chosen Lucifer "over Jesus."