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Marco Rubio says he was ‘pissed’ when he saw #Saltbae filleting steak for Maduro

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Marco Rubio was not happy while scrolling through Twitter on Monday night.

The Florida Republican came across video of celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt Bae, gyrating his hips while serving expensive steak to a cigar-wielding Nicolás Maduro at his restaurant in Turkey. Rubio initially tweeted his displeasure, referring to Maduro as “an overweight dictator” and Gökçe as a “weirdo.”

Then Rubio found out that Gökçe, who achieved viral fame for his intricate salting of meat, owns a restaurant in Miami. He tweeted out the address and phone number of Brickell’s Nusr-Et steakhouse, a move that drew some criticism online.

Gökçe “is not a guy who I disagree with on some domestic political issue,” Rubio told the Miami Herald on Tuesday. “This is someone who is celebrating a criminal. Nicolás Maduro is systematically starving the people of Venezuela. This guy’s here celebrating him as some sort of hero. I don’t know. I got pissed. Is that a good answer?”

Rubio said he made the decision to post the publicly available information because Gökçe has a massive following on social media, with more than 300,000 followers on Twitter and 15 million on Instagram, and voicing his displeasure draws more awareness to the ongoing situation in Venezuela, where a recent poll found that 30 percent of the country eats only one meal a day.

First he praised Castro. Now ‘Salt Bae’ chef lavishes Venezuela’s Maduro with steak dinner

“All I gave is the phone number,” Rubio said. “They should call the restaurant and complain about what the owner of the restaurant did. This is an expensive restaurant, probably overpriced according to some of the reviews that I read, but I don’t care what people’s politics are domestically. I’ve never gone after anybody in business because they have a view of politics different than mine on a domestic matter. This is not a domestic political disagreement.”

A host of other Miami politicians also criticized Gökçe, with Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo calling the video “repulsive,” Democratic congressional candidate Donna Shalala saying “the dictator will give himself this kind of feast without any shame” while his people starve, and Miami mayor Francis Suarez calling it “disgusting.” A protest outside Salt Bae’s Brickell restaurant is planned for Wednesday afternoon.

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