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Dem poll shows a swing in Curbelo's race



The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a poll in July showing their own candidate, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, losing to Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo by a wider margin than previous surveys. 

Things have changed. 

The DCCC released a poll on Friday morning showing the race between Mucarsel-Powell and Curbelo effectively tied, with Mucarsel-Powell up by two points in a poll conducted this week. Mucarsel-Powell is leading Curbelo 50 to 48 with a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points. The poll by GBA is the fourth poll in recent weeks to show a tightening race, and Mucarsel-Powell is currently outspending Curbelo on TV, though Curbelo likely maintains a fundraising advantage. 

"This 9-point shift since July’s survey, also conducted by GBA, reflects aggressive, early communication, driven by Debbie’s campaign and mirrored by the DCCC [advertising spending]" the polling memo said. "To date, that paid communication has focused primarily on the contrast between Congressman Curbelo’s record on healthcare in Washington and Debbie’s record of making affordable healthcare more accessible in South Florida." 

Curbelo pointed to a poll from the same time period last election cycle showing him down to former Rep. Joe Garcia, and Curbelo ended up winning by double digits. 

"Campaigns that are talking about polls are campaigns that are losing," Curbelo said earlier this week. "We’re confident in our data and the district."