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Get the governor an airplane, Florida Senate budget chair says

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis revealed his proposed budget last week, it didn’t include any money for a fleet of state airplanes.
Senate budget Chair Rob Bradley wants to fix that.

Speaking to his colleagues on the Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, the Fleming Island Republican said that senators should find money to get the governor an airplane.

“He has to move in very short periods of time when events happen, and he needs to have transportation that’s appropriate, whether he asks for it or not,” Bradley said.

“So I think that’s something that we need to work towards in this budget, to make sure that our governor has appropriate transportation,” he added. “This is a large, diverse state, and he has to have an airplane.”

Florida’s governor and Cabinet have been without an airplane since 2011, when Rick Scott became governor and he sold off the state fleet.

That left DeSantis, who took office last month, to use a plane owned by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Tampa in DeSantis' first week in office.

House Speaker José Oliva has also expressed support for a plane.

Asked afterwards for details about how many planes would be needed and how much they would cost, Bradley said he didn’t know the details.

“The details we will work out,” he said. “I just think that needed to be said.”