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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gets high marks in yet another poll

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s first few months continue to get high marks, with a new poll showing 59 percent of Floridians and 42 percent of Democrats approve of how he’s doing.
That’s the highest approval rating for a Florida governor in 10 years, according to Quinnipiac University, who called 1,058 Floridians who said they were registered voters.
Just 17 percent of the respondents disapproved, including just 28 percent of Democrats. The poll was conducted last week and has a margin of error of +/- 3.7 percentage points. About 28 percent identified as Republicans, 29 percent as Democrats, 36 percent independent and 8 percent were “other” or “didn’t know.”
Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a statement that the high rating is better than other governors around the country.
DeSantis’ support for popular, bipartisan issues like the environment, supporting smokable medical marijuana and pardoning the Groveland Four have earned him high marks in previous polls.
And they buck the priorities of the outgoing Republican governor, Sen. Rick Scott, who, received mixed marks in the Q poll.
Just 42 percent of respondents approved of the job he’s doing in Washington, with 38 percent disapproving. His senior colleague, Sen. Marco Rubio, did better at 50-34.
The poll also showed that 61 percent of respondents supported DeSantis’ policy of requiring local police to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement officers, which is part of his so-called “anti-sanctuary cities” policy.
But respondents rejected several of the gun-related issues DeSantis supports:
  • 57 percent opposed arming teachers
  • 58 percent said stricter gun laws would reduce gun violence in schools
  • 59 percent supported stricter gun laws.
  • and 55 percent rejected the idea that more people with guns would make Florida safer.