May 01, 2012

Battle for the GOP prez also-rans: Herman Cain goes for George LeMieux, Michelle Bachmann for Connie Mack

In Florida's U.S. Senate Republican primary, the once-hot-now-not GOP presidential contenders are making themselves heard. Herman Cain is backing George LeMieux and Michelle Bachmann backs fellow Rep. Connie Mack (who has the de facto endorsement, by the way, of GOP de facto presidential nominee Mitt Romney).

The press releases:

MIAMI - The Connie Mack for U.S. Campaign today announced the endorsement of movement conservative and former Presidential candidate, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

Bachmann made the following statement regarding Mack's candidacy:
"Connie has been a steadfast fighter for freedom, less government and a fiscal hawk together with me in the United States Congress.  For every good proposal passed out of the House, the liberal Senate under Harry Reid and Bill Nelson have stopped it, including Connie's recent proposal to build the Keystone XL Pipeline without Presidential approval.  Senators like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul need other like-minded conservatives in the Senate to stop the liberals from tearing down our nation.  America needs Connie Mack in the U.S. Senate."

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – Herman Cain Friday endorsed George LeMieux at the Hernando County Lincoln Day Dinner.

“As of tonight, I am officially endorsing George LeMieux for United States Senate,” said Herman Cain. “This is the type of person that we need in Washington, DC. People who are not afraid to challenge the establishment; people who are there to represent the people and not represent politics; people who understand that it’s time that we stop shuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic and start solving stuff. That’s the kind of Senator that he is, that’s the kind of Senator that he will be, that’s why I support you, sir.”

“I am honored to receive Herman Cain’s endorsement of my bid to return to the US Senate,” said George LeMieux. “Cain inspired the people of Florida with his showing at Presidency 5 and I am proud to have his support. This is further proof that our campaign is on the rise in Florida.”