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And Tootles makes three

Toots Moved my cat into the house today, and I was more excited about Bridget's reaction than my cat's.  Bridget is a borderline germaphobe, and was raised with an unusual adversity to felines.  But also, there is the concern over the added expense of an animal in the house (which, of course, I'd be responsible for).  A bag of Meow Mix isn't a big expense every now and then, but having the opportunity to purchase all new cat-goodies is a big temptation for me.  I've already browsed E-Bay looking at $45 cat bowls (kitty couture - who knew?!) and self-cleaning litter boxes.

But even I have to hesitate before clicking that delightful "Buy Now" button...because I know Tootles (my cat) doesn't really appreciate any of this.  What she appreciates is the simple equation of: her claws + my new sofa. Maybe I'm just underestimating Tootles' ability to enjoy some luxury in life, but I still haven't been able to get her to sleep in that velvet pink cat-bed I purchased for her two years ago.

In the end I opted for a demure PetsCo purchase of $22 for a plain old plastic food dish and litter box...but wouldn't it be nicer if it were rhinestone-encrusted ??  This missed opportunity will haunt me in my dreams, I'm sure of it.

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jealous dog

I think it was wise to pass on the His-and-Her Bedazzled-up poodle trough.


Haha, "poodle trough". I don't know why I even bother, though, when my cat insists on drinking out of the bathtub/sink/toilet.


Nice Pic of Tootles.

I know where you can get some of those elusive rhinestone-encrusted pet dishes, try Pets are People Too. They are located on Taft Street just west of Douglas Road. The selection is amazing. =o)

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