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Bridget makes kittens cry.

So Bridget makes a post about the woes of living with a pet (something few Americans have to deal with, since NOBODY owns animals nowadays), and I have to console a weeping Tootles whose only crime is continuing to do what she's always been doing.  Perhaps Bridget should consider what I have to spend to keep up with her idiocentricities. 

Toots_in_sinkI just made an online purchase of $35 on a cat-screen so that the litter box does not offend dear Bridget's sight.  I even purchased (as stated previously) a hidden litter scoop at a slightly extra-cost ($7).  And now Bridget is suggesting that I find another way to give Tootles water, such as a kitty water fountain, even though for the past three years she's only ever insisted on drinking from the sink (and for the record, I tried the kitty fountain already).  I even offered to pay for my parent's cleaning lady to swing by once every two weeks (~$60).  I'm trying to be considerate of her feelings, while at the same time thinking she's a complete nut.

Hopefully my mother (who is visiting tomorrow, finally) can either offer a solution or otherwise assuage Bridget's OCD-impulses.  And yes, Bridget, I know: "I don't have OCD!"  I don't know how many times I have to lick the countertops in order for her to believe that it's clean by all health-department standards.  What germs there are are unavoidable!!  The cat is going NOWHERE, I tell you!

Speaking of Mommy - this brings up another topic: begging!  I love it when my mother visits/I visit my mother, because not only does she have a better style-sense than I do, but she also can be wheedled into buying me several pricey items.  Never underestimate the high-pitched power of the whine!  Hopefully her visit will provide Bridget & I with an area rug for the living room - one on which I'm sure Tootles can't wait to rub her butt on.

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Ahhh but that's not the point - we don't NEED a cleaning lady for $60. It's a waste of money. We have no family to take care of - it's just us and the cat and we're not messy people. When I get home I will show you the joys of the Swiffer I just bought for $12.

And I wish you asked me about that screen. I wanted a screen, but not a screen that says THE CAT POOPS HERE!!! The point of the screen is that so our guests don't realize they are near CAT POO.

Usually we are cool about our common room purchases, but I wish you messaged me first before spending $35 on something for the living room. :-/



After looking at screen options, it was either that or an oriental screen. And it's obvious that the screen is concealing a litter box - people aren't stupid when they see Tootles going behind there. Now she has a cute little privacy curtain.


Cute to you, perhaps. I'm sorry, there's no easy way to say that I don't like something without sounding harsh, but we're going to have to talk about this more. Because if it's something for the living room, we both should like it. I don't want to hurt your feelings but I rather be honest. All it would have taken was waiting a few hours till I got home to ask me, but alas, your impulsive ways had you click the "buy now" button.


I think it is time for a non-bickery post about things that you LOVE about living together...


Dear Reader,

Yeah, we have been bickery, but that's real life when you are living with someone for the first time. This is the first time we have to make spending decisions on a place we share, and we're bound to clash now and again.

And it being the second week of living together, there will be more clashes as we learn each other's quirks.

Reality check

Amanda comes off as a whiny little baby. She is 24 and needs to grow up like yesterday. Bridget, you are in for a world of trouble. I give it 3 months tops.


Dear Reality Check:

We've been friends for a long time, so I like to believe we can make this work, even if we squabble over small things. I hope we can prove you wrong.

Amanda has what I like to call Peter Pan Syndrome (And her cat is named Tootles, which the name of the lost boy who lost his marbles). But that's one reason she's a fun friend.

Peter Pan loved adventures, and learning to live together will certainly be an adventure (or misadventure?) for the both of us.


Dear Reality check:

I don't think anything about this debate comes off as whiny. I'm a grown woman, and so is Bridget - we're simply trying to work through very different living ideals.

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