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First roommate fight at day three

If you couldn't already tell by the last post by Amanda, yesterday was day three living here and we've already gotten into a mini fight about the air conditioner.

While I'm at work, she sends me this message on Facebook:

"I have a little question for you when you get home. @_@"

Of course that crazy-eyed emoticon worried me, so when I asked what the question was, she wrote back:

"Oh, I don't know...did you, perhaps, maybe, possibly, TURN OFF THE A/C anytime today???"

Well yes, I did the day before. Not so much for cutting back on energy, but because I came from a house where sometimes we turned the air off when we get cold. I get cold very easily, and don't mind having the air off for a little while. So I turned it off at 8 p.m. Tuesday and I didn't think of turning it back on before I left for work Wednesday because I thought it felt fine. Plus, we have fans in the house. Of course, Amanda is home during yesterday afternoon, and by that time it was understandably hot.

I don't blame her for wondering why it was off. Back in college I had this problem with my other roommates because I would turn the a/c off and they were used to the air being on all the time. I had a friend that got into a mega hate-fest with a roommate freshman year over the a/c being on and off and the waste of energy on the bill. I don't want that happening to us, so I guess we'll just have to find a happy medium.

And as Amanda also stated, I do use a new towel after every shower. That's how I was raised since I was born, so that's what I'm used to. In fact, I thought everyone did that until I went to college and saw that people reused towels for more than a day. I thought they were the weird ones.

I don't waste energy by doing a load of wash every day. I own about 10 towels (same towels I've had since college) and I'll do a big load every week and a half with socks and stuff. Amanda brought up that perhaps this could increase the cost of our utilities. Perhaps it's one or two extra washes than the average person does in a month. I'm not sure how it will affect the utilities because it's only the first week of living here, but when I do wash I make a point to do a full load to get the most out of it.

And as she also mentioned, I buy 3 ounce paper Dixie cups for the bathroom. I've also grown up doing that since I was a kid, and it's what makes me happy. A box for less than $3 lasts me more than a month, so I don't consider it wasteful spending.

We all have our quirks. These are some of mine.

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Mr. Roommate

Haha you're quirky!

Quirks are what make us different and special. We are all beautiful and unique snowflakes.

Ok, enough afternoon special for one morning.

The towels and the dixie cups are certainly wasteful, but only a very small amount, I'd have to say.

A/C can be the most wasteful utility cost. Set a schedule; have it on for when she's going to be home, and not for you. Or get some serious fans.

Some people will always need their A/C. I'd wager to say most people. You should definitely know this before you move in with someone, though, and it should be agreed that you will either split costs and have it always on, or try to conserve or what.

But whatever you choose, you need to have a family meeting and decide it, because a little extra heat in this South Florida atmosphere can drive a person... even more crazy.


To Mr. Roommate,

Thanks for the Mr. Rogers spiel. :) And you're right about the A/C talk. I should have known better to warn Amanda about my like-it-hot habits, since I've had this problem with every college roommate.

We'll have a talk as soon as I get home today and set up some guidelines so that we don't drive each other mad.


I'm in college and me and my roomates always fight about this. We spend way to much money on the A/C


Dear Mr. Roommate,

Thanks for offering helpful advice without seeming to take sides. Personally, I'd have the air on ALL the time so that I never have to walk into a warm house (also, my cat is a delicate little flower). I'm willing to hear other options.

The Frugalista Files

I always use a new face cloth and bath towel after every shower/bath.

As for facebook, it's a fun way to connect with people, but personal communication is better. You two will work it out.

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