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Some like it hot... and Amanda does not

This morning I wake up, make breakfast, do some laundry, change the bed sheets... and then I see this note on the air conditioner control.

AcnoteWell, seems we didn't solve our a/c fight issue. Although Amanda is asleep and I can't ask her (she sleeps in the day and works at night), it seems she isn't pleased with my choice of air conditioner settings.

But seriously, what's the big deal? While she is at work, I'm sleeping. She's not here. So I turn the a/c at something like 79 so it won't blow cold air. I get cold very easily.

I don't see the problem. She's not at home. When she gets home, she should just turn it back to a setting she likes. Why waste energy on a/c when I don't want to use the a/c at night? Come on, Amanda. Earth Day is Tuesday. You're not going to kill me. You're going to kill Mother Earth.

And FPL is on my side, too. This is from their tip list on ways to save energy:

Cool your home at 78° or warmer with the thermostat fan switch on "auto." For additional savings, raise your thermostat to 82° or warmer when you're away from home.

I'm no tree-hugger, but energy = $$$. Why keep it cold when she's not home? Sorry dear, guess the only way you're going to change my ways is to smother me with a pillow in my sleep.

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I have no problem with this idea. It's just that you never discussed it with me, so it's always a surprise when I wake up sweating and see that the thermostat is set ABOVE 80.

p.s. And I will kill you.

Trained Assassin

Amanda: If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me. I'm highly professional. Plus, if you act now, I'll throw in a free juicer.

Bridget: You have obviously failed to resolve this issue with your roommate. I'd say you two should talk it over. Or else...


haha...you guys are too much.

Loves the Cold

Why don't you try to pick one temperature you both agree on and don't change it. You might find yourself a little happier!


that is the best note ever...although it can now be used in court against you.

Here's another possible solution to the problem, but it costs money. Use technology to solve the issue by installing one of them programmable thermostats like this:


I too don't like the cold air blowing all day. The A/C should be on only when it is needed. Since you are home at different times, why not have A/C adjusted as you like it. Thanks fo the extra tips on how to save money.

Ashley L

I think the automatic thermostat is brilliant.

Or more death threats. You know. Whichever.

PS -
Bridget, you should start taping things to the ac. Something like "I will get you with my frostbitten fingers!!!"

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