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The cat fight/catfight has been broken up

Hurray! This morning Amanda and I have talked through our concerns about her cat and I'm happy to say we came to a compromise. When it came to the cat's litter box, she had it in the living room because she said there wasn't room in her bathroom. It was an eyesore, so she said she'd get a screen to cover it.

Problem is, she bought a screen that I thought was terrible to put in our living room by our fireplace, and she didn't ask me before she bought it. It's cute, just more for a bathroom than by the fireplace. But the compromise was that we'll put the kitty litter in the den/library room so it is out of the living room. I don't know why we didn't think of this sooner.

And as for my need to clean, we'll just split the costs of cleaning supplies (specifically, the Swiffer wet pads). No need for maids and I don't have to feel that I'm bearing the burden of buying all the cleaning supplies.

Amanda's mom is visiting today. I won't be able to see her because I'm working, but I'm sure Amanda will have some shopping adventures with her.

[And if you couldn't tell, Amanda and I are now IN TECHNICOLOR! to help you tell our posts apart.]

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Baby, you know I hate it when we fight.



B's Mom

Take it from me, Bridget's mom, Bridget is definitely not OCD. I am the
one who cleaned her room. She just doesn't like other people's poor habits affecting her. I wouldn't like it either if someone sneezed right in
front of me without covering their nose or having animal slobber or fur
where I eat. I miss you honey.



I can relate to your feelings on pets and cleanliness. I'm grossed out by the faucet thing. But I guess you are getting a sense of what living with a man is like -- instead of shedding fur, they shed their belongings --- shoes, ties, socks. The housekeeping challenge is equally as tough. I, too, love the Swiffer.

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