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This, that, and cats (again)

Img_0515 If you might be tired of hearing about cat issues, then I'm tired of writing about them.  I didn't think we had another issue, even...but since I woke up to a new post concerning Tootles, I suppose we do.  Needless to say (since it has been mentioned) the cat litter box has been moved to a more out of the way location, complete with a modesty screen (see picture).  I'm pretty good at cleaning it once a day or once every other day, and if a whiff of poop is detected that simply means she has gone "boom-boom" again and it hasn't been covered properly with litter.  Fascinating reading material, I'm sure.  But when living with any type of animal, there is only so much that can be done in regards to their toilet procedures. 

I was told recently that my entertainment center wouldn't be complete without an Xbox, but seeing as I have yet to play my PS2 buying a new gaming system is the last thing on my mind.  Also, whenever I think about an Xbox the only games I can picture are 1) Halo, and 2) Dead Rising.  Being a girl-gamer who's not a particular fan of shooting games (being that I am a chicken), I have no interest in Halo; being that Dead Rising is basically a video game-version of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, I'm dying to have it.  But seeing as the Xbox is around $280, I really have no intention of buying it.  The one draw (that being Dead Rising) is a good one, but when I'm too scared to even play the game...what's the point?  I've also been thinking: if anyone would buy an Xbox in this household, that would be Bridget.  When I was flipping the thought of buying a Playstation around in my head a few months back, she was the one to suggest I go for an Xbox instead.  Bridget has also been the one to whimper and swoon at the thought of buying Rock Band for my PS2, so we'll have to see - because while she talks it up, I have no interest or intent on buying it on my own.  Guitar Hero already frustrates the heck out of me.  But what are your guys thoughts about this?  Since I own the system, should I buy (all) the games?

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Reality Check

You don't need to get all the games just because you own the system. You can always rent games to see if you ever like them. There's no point in spending money just to own something; if you would like to play with it, fine, that's different. But buying things just to own them smacks of conspicuous consumption.

We are getting the Lego star wars game for the Wii. Have you played this yet? You get to use the force!!


I am trying to help the economy; you obviously are a cheap terrorist.

And I've played Lego Star Wars for the PS2 before - the best part is that you can 1) play as Boba Fett, and 2) kill your partner.

The Terrorist

My brother Reality Check is right.

We must make wise financial decisions in this time of economic uncertainty. We shouldn't make the mistake of wasting much needed resources on frivolous desires.

We are fighting a war. The American middle class is losing.

We're standing tall. We're putting our stimulus checks into savings accounts. And we're coming for you.


um... rock band and guitar hero are the best things to come out of this decade.

so yes, those you must have. and then i will be over a lot. more.

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