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Design tips from Interior Designer Cecil Hayes

So even the great design maven, Cecil Hayes, wants you the average penny-pincher to have great design on a modest budget.

Well, she is the only African-American Interior Designer to make Architectural Digest's Top 100 designers list, and is responsible for the design at the African American Research Library, spruced up the home of many celebrities, so rest assured that she knows her stuff. Cecil_hayes

Ok, so you'll be hard-pressed to afford her fees, but she recently dished some secrets at a series of chats at her Parkland home: Furniture scale, best distance for tables for seating, when best to select color for your space, how accessories are the soul of any great design et al.

The secrets and invaluable tips can also be found in her recent books. Cecil Hayes, The Art of Decorative Details and Nine Steps to Beautiful Living. Copies are available online. Enjoy.

P.S. Penny-Pinchers, our $1000 bathroom renovation tips are on the way. I haven't forgotten ya'll. Stay tuned too for our series of photos and video clips as we transform the master bedroom of our makeover winner, Pearl Bethel.


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Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

Nicole White has as much talent as a decorator as she had as a reporter NONE! The most classless piece of nothing to make South Florida ugly since, since, gee, I can't think of anybody as tasteless, ignorant, useless except some crawling insects

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