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All it takes is faith, trust, and your credit card!


CastleI had a brief break in posting because this weekend myself and four friends went to Disney World (including fellow-poster and roommate, Bridget).  I suppose it could be considered weird to be going on vacation at this particular point in our economical crisis, but we certainly weren't the only ones who had fun & self-indulgence in mind...I mean seriously, a 90 minute wait for Splash Mountain?!  And actually looking at the base cost of my Disney "necessities" (i.e. a ticket & hotel room) I actually didn't end up spending that much money.  That's NOT INCLUDING SOUVENIRS, of course...let's be realistic, people.  I only have so much self-control.

Our party stayed at the cheapest Disney resort on campus - the Pop Century.  Dividing the cost between us, three days and two nights surmounted to about $75 per person.  A 3-Day Park Hopper ticket runs for about $155; however, last year I received a seasonal Disney pass from my father, so my ticket price is already covered (score!).  We also decided to hit up Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween event (an additional $52) , wherein they allow a limited number of guests into the park from 7pm until midnight for Halloween & villain-themed parades, meet & greets, and similar events.  Oh, and did I mention you're allowed to wear full costumes?  OH YEEEEA.  As if we even needed an excuse to dress up.

Pan_gang_4 About three months prior to the actual event, Bridget & I settled on a Peter Pan theme (last year having been an Alice In Wonderland theme).  I was to be Peter, Bridget was Tinkerbell, and we also had a Captain Hook, "Tick Tock" the crocodile, and Tiger Lily.  This is where the real money was spent - my costume (hat & dagger included) cost about $55.  Both the purse and the shoes were around $20 each, and the green tights were a steal at about $8 off eBay.  So we have about $127 that I spent on my room & ticket, and $103 spent on my costume.  Oh, if only the spending ended there...

The Epcot Food & Wine festival was also going on during our visit, and being the responsible (and legal) adults that we are, we decided to get trashed in the happiest place on Earth!  And let me tell you, $6 a plate and $8 for wine and/or beer adds up real quick when you're hopping from booth to booth.  I was drinking French sparkling kir while eating Greek spanakopita and Austrian tafelspitz.  Sounds yum-yum-yummy, even if I don't know how to pronounce it!  I can only vagulely estimate that I spent anywhere from $50 to $70 while eating around the world, but I really couldn't help it - my stomach said "Yes!" while my budget said "No!".  Though, really...what budget??

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