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How to make your friends poor & tired in one easy step!

Amanda_bar This past week I've had the misfortune of being constantly left out of the on-going partying taking place at my house.  Due to my odd midnight work schedule, as well as the current time of year that allows most of my friends to be on holiday leave, I've missed out on several social gatherings (I'm talking three or four) that my roommate Bridget has been the impromptu host of at our shared residence.  I don't begrudge people their fun - it seems I'm always the one with the inconvenient schedule - bit I do begrudge it when these guests are slowly buzzing through my Red Bull energy drink supply without even the common decency of asking.

A 12-pack of Red Bull costs about $25 at any local Publix, and I don't care how sleepy you get while playing video games & chugging Bud Lite at my house until six in the morning...if it really gets to that point you need to help yourself to the front door, not one of my Red Bulls.  I'm all for allowing the occasional use of a Red Bull for a "Jagerbomb" when I'm in attendance to enjoy the festivities, and Bridget has certainly helped herself to an energy drink now and then without me raising an eyebrow, but I hate to come home after an eleven-hr shift to find my entire stock gone from inside my refrigerator.

The awkward part is that I know Bridget is good for it - she'll replace them if I ask - but I really don't appreciate guests helping themselves to my belongings...especially considering that all of these guestsRed_bull_3 don't know me beyond being Bridget's roommate.  I buy a good share of beer and soda in our house for the sole purpose of keeping it on-hand for guests; that does not and should not mean that I am obliged to allow them full run of my food supplies, especially when I'm not even there to shout a "yea" or "nay".  It's both aggravating in a financial sense (those things are expensive!) and a social sense (I don't want to seem like a cheap hostess, even if I'm an absentee one).  I just can't get over the nagging irritation that these gubby-handed, Red Bull-swindling guests have somehow crossed a line...a delicious, caffeinated line.   Is it rude of my guests to help themselves to my stuff, or is it rude of me to deny them use of it?  I'm torn on both sides of the coin, but at the end of the day I'm the one screwed: I'm out of money from spending it all on Red Bull, and I'm out of Red Bull by having it swiped by all of my house guests!!

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Bridget Carey

What made me feel so bad was that I was without a car during this time. Normally I would run out and get some more Red Bull the next morning before she could notice -- since afterall, I'm responsible for the crazy guests I bring over. But instead I had to wait a few days before I could buy more for Amanda.

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