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Lighting up

Nirvi Bar (fixed) It's supposed to be cheaper, in the long run, and better for the planet if we use those compact fluorescent light bulbs in place of traditional incandescent bulbs, right?

I forked over the extra money for some of the swirly style bulbs recently, hoping the savings would show up in my electric bill.

I put one in the front porch light, which is a special fixture designed to turn on whenever the sun goes down. Since the light is on all night, I figured the savings would be fairly noticeable -- and the long life of the fluorescent bulbs would save me the trouble of changing the darn thing very often. (It requires a step stool precariously perched on my front steps.)


The supposedly long-lasting fluorescent bulb burned out within a month. Guiltily, I put an old-fashioned, soon-to-be outlawed incandescent bulb back in there, and it's been going strong for weeks and weeks.

But this may not have been a case of operator error. Today, the New York Times reports my thankless, expensive attempt at savings wasn't a fluke.

Are you using compact fluorescent bulbs just fine at your house?

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I've noticed that those eco-friendly lightbulbs burn out really quickly as well!

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