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Park-ing it

Nirvi Bar (fixed) While my desire to save money has an amazing pull on my wallet, I'm not (yet) at the point where that urge overcomes my need to be social -- and leave my house, dear as she is.

I rarely go out to brooding dinners that involve multiple glasses of wine anymore. I have tried to forget where the mall is. I try to meet friends for coffee or a single drink that I sip ever so slowly.

But this weekend, I rediscovered one of the best places to go out, ever. Parks. Stuff we already pay for with property taxes. There are dozens and dozens of them. (Insert sound of hand smacking forehead here.)

This weekend, I spent a mere $24 for an entire day of fun with my friends. We took a water taxi over to Peanut Island in Palm Beach County ($10), shared picnic lunches (I brought stuff for sandwiches and indulged in store-bought tabbouleh, hummus, potato chips, fresh fruit and drinks my friends hauled along) ($5), and had a margarita ($6) and half a plate of fries ($1) which cost me another two bucks including tip.

On the island, there was snorkeling (bring your own gear), swimming, grills, picnic tables and sparkling clean bathrooms. The ambitious can even camp. We enjoyed free music courtesy of the party boats lined up on one side of the small island, which also has short trail along its entire coast.

I came home socialized, sun-kissed, and with cash to spare.

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