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Spring Break on the cheap: Sea cow adventure vs. Islands of Adventure

Bridget_Bar2 I don't do the outdoors. I don't camp. I don't hike. I don't even like jogging outside. But to save money on vacation this year, it seems my friends and I are doing a little camping trip next week.

Myself, along with roommate Amanda and another friend who lives in Jacksonville were planning on going to Universal Studios next weekend. But when you add up the price of a two-day, two-park ticket, plus wanting to stay at an on-site hotel for the free express pass that lets you skip lines (after all, it'll be a crowded spring break weekend), everyone was getting discouraged.

So our friend came up with the idea to do something totally different to save money. What if we took a road trip to see the parts of Florida that we never see? We are real theme-park junkies, so the suggestion of doing a road trip that doesn't include Orlando is a pretty big deal for us.

Mantees The plan is to go to Crystal River on the west coast and check out the large population of manatees they have there. Maybe rent a boat or kayak. Maybe even drive 30 minutes to Weeki Wachee Springs to see the mermaids. Then we'll camp and have a mini adventure cooking our own food. We're now bringing along more friends, and the costs are very minimal. I already have a sleeping bag and friends already have tents and gear.  

We're dividing up the lists of supplies so no one over spends or buys something someone already has. Most of the snacks I'm bringing is stuff I already had in my pantry.

I'm a little worried that I'll be miserable in the outdoors compared to being in a nice hotel room. But it's only for one night, and this campsite has showers and bathrooms and a convenience store. Maybe this cheap never-been-done-before sea cow adventure will end up being more memorable than the expensive been-there-done-that Islands of Adventure.

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Why don't you go to Blue Springs for manatee-watching? They really congregate in the springs when the weather is cool. Crystal River is really far way. You'll spend most of your two days in the car.

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