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Window shopping: a real bargain

Nirvi Bar (fixed) I spent the weekend doing my taxes, figuring it was the only real way I can make some money fast without getting another job.

More on that in a future post.

But feeling proud and anticipating a refund -- all that interest on the mortgage does nearly guarantee a little green each spring -- I hung out with some friends on Sunday, and I even let myself eat a meal out.

But when Kelly got a glass of wine at the little French cafe and bakery with her lunch, I stuck with my rich-but-cheaper coffee. 

When Leslie and her mother ordered takeout from a diner, I got a $2 cup of decaf and not a thing more.

And I got a really good lesson.

Leslie and her mom hit the mall and a movie Sunday afternoon. They were glowing, though they escaped the stores without spending a thing.

They had the same cheery looks as those that might be triggered by a trunk full of shopping bags.

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You've got to be really disciplined to resist the call of shopping, but in this economy it's really necessary. Keep up the good work.

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