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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's more useless spending!

Amanda Bar
Hawk mask As if my latest foray into creativity wasn't enough to keep me occupied, I've also taken upon the artistic task of recreating the iconic mask/helmet of DC comic book character Hawkgirl.  I say iconic, because it is to me and the legions of nerds behind me who care about these things, but for the sake of of the everyday man just direct your eyes to the picture to the right.  Regardless, she's a favorite character and when I happened to be perusing the aisles of Jo-Ann's Fabric's for more scrapbooking supplies I came upon a small section of plain white masks that placed into my head the idea of taking up a second project.  The initial supplies consisted of several sheets of foam board ($1.49 for gold, $.69 for brown and black), two masks ($3.99 each), a bundle of glue sticks ($2.49), two bags of pheasant feathers ($1.99 each), gold acrylic paint ($9.99) and a paintbrush ($8.19).  The whole thing came to $33.81, which is nearly 1/3 of the price for all of my scrapbooking supplies - and this is all for a project that will take me five times longer to complete than slapping some photos to a piece of paper and calling it a day.  Not that I'm knocking the crapbooking (Hah! And yes, "crapbooking" was a typo but I'm leaving it as-is), but when you're talking about more bang for your buck the independent art project seems the way to go.

Making masks has been a little hobby I like to indulge in once every couple years, ever since I learned how to go about the process with paper mache in 11th grade.  The last attempt I made was at a Medusa mask three or so years ago, and it was a project that sadly never saw completion.  With the money I invested into this attempt, however, as well as an added incentive that I might actually be able to wear this thing at a comic book convention...well, here's hoping this is not money wasted.  You, however, will have to rate me on the results of my creative spending.  Mind you, I'm not finished yet!

Hawk 1

It may not be much, but when you compare it to other people's attempts...yea, I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

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