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From Dollars to 'Dancing Queen'

Amanda Bar
Taking a break from the constant whining over the state of my house-buying procedures, it hit me in the face the other day that I have been shoveling money away without even realizing it.  Somewhere around the area of $552, to be exact.  According to my iTunes "Purchased" folder I've bought 552 songs since December of 2007, way back with my first purchase of Amy Adam's 'Thats How You Know'.  I had no idea the ease and convenience of the iTunes Store was really a subtle marketing scheme to trick consumers into racking up large bills through a bunch of seemingly small purchases...every song sells for just $.99, and oftentimes buying entire CDs via iTunes saves you money over in-store purchase prices.  I suppose it could be argued that I am saving money over buying entire CDs when I really only want one song (because let's be honest, can anyone name me one other Lupe Fiasco song besides 'Superstar'? Anyone??), but when you stand back and look at just how much you purchased over a relatively short amount of time it starts to dawn on you that maybe you could have held off on the ABBA compilation.  Sure, $11.99 might seem like a good deal, but adding up all the small purchases can equal a total cost more weighty than you'd expect.  Also, the convenience of buying off of iTunes can be deceiving - I looked up the exact same CD on BestBuy.com and found it to be even cheaper ($9.99).  So remember: think before you click!

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Just another reason why men can't trust women with money.


Well, then it's a good thing I make my own money!

Ashley Labrie

I have an itunes budget lol. The only time I download something is if it is super rare, not played on the radio, or hard to find used on amazon for $3 or less. I probably spend about $30 a year on itunes. My biggest vice is tv/movie downloads.

Amanda Conwell

Ashley -

Oh, when I just started getting into Gossip Girl and I couldn't find certain episodes online I seriously contemplated buying them off iTunes...never did, though.

Do you get to keep the episodes indefinitely, or is it like a rental?

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