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Feed the Strays, Tuppence A Bag

Amanda Bar
Dog At my place of employment (a local police department) we often house found or lost animals in lieu of transferring them over to an Animal Control agency. Since Animal Control doesn’t respond after hours, oftentimes during my shift (10PM to 9AM) the animals are forced to wait out the night in the PD’s cages. About once every other week we have a fuzzy visitor at our station, and I normally take it upon myself (as this is not part of my “designated duties”) to check on the animal, walk it, and feed it. I always took for granted that bags of dog and cat kibble were made available in the PD’s kitchen cabinets…until one night it was gone. At first I was puzzled about who to inform in regards to replacing the pet food, but when I researched further I was advised by my sergeant that the PD didn’t actually supply the food – what little we did have was provided by officer’s donating bags and cans. Unfortunately during the time that this particular problem was encountered I was assigned to desk duty and couldn’t leave the station to pick up some pet supplies, but now that the hungry dog in question has come and gone I’m left with the decision on whether or not to pick up a few bags of dog & cat food “just in case” for future use.

Anyone who owns a pet knows that the cost of a bag of kibble can vary significantly based upon the brand and weight. I’m more than happy to pick up a couple bags in order to help out the animals in need – even if they’re only here for one night – but I’m concerned that I’ll be motivated to compulsively restock once supplies run low again…especially since I’m the one who has to sit here with these animals all night! I’m wondering if I should put out a department-wide email asking for donations in regards to some sort of “animal food fund”, though I also worry that I’m thinking too much on it – people donated pet food before I even started working here, and I’m sure they’ll offer up what they can without me having to ask. I want to lend a helping hand (and I will!) but I don't want to end up feeling resentful towards my co-workers if no one helps me out.

(P.S. Anyone who doesn't get my title reference can go straight to Disney jail!)

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Ashley Labrie

You can register at giveabowl.com for a coupon that is like $4 off a small bag of kibble. the cost at Walmart for the small bag is like $4.88, making the bag about 88 cents. :)
Also, pedigree puts coupons in the paper for $1 a can of food, that at Publix runs $1.09.


That website is a great idea, and one that I can forward to any officers who might be interested in picking up a bag for under $1.

Unfortunately I don't have a newspaper delivered to my house - thus missing out on lots of coupons - but nowadays store coupons are available on most websites...I should check it out. Thanks!

Ashley Labrie

I have been clipping coupons for you for the past few weeks lol. I either need to see you or send them to you :)

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