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Spending Less By Rocking Out

Amanda Bar
Rock band Last week, just like any other, I was checking my e-mail when I happened to come across a GameStop advertisement (pictured right) that caught my attention.  I'm a big fan of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, but I never got around to purchasing a game for myself (which is rather odd, actually, considering my past history of splurge spending); since living with Bridget I've just been mooching off of her Playstation 2 version.  Curious about this "Blowout Sale" I ventured on to the GameStop website and had myself a peek at the prices they were offering.  Normally both the Rock Band and Guitar Hero "bundles" (a complete game set that includes all of the musical equipment - 1 guitar, 1 drum set, and 1 microphone) sell for $189.99, and even on eBay good deals are hard to come by - in fact, I had actually bid recently on a Rock Band 2 bundle, but dropped out when the selling price peeked to $127.50.  The recent online-exlusive GameStop advertisement was offering both game bundles at just $89.99 each, a HUGE price difference even compared to earlier sales prices I had come across (about $129.99).  Not only that, but they offered free 3-day ground shipping!

I could not get my credit card out fast enough.  And what's even better, since I have a GameStop membership card I saved an additional fee, totaling out my purchase at just over $80!  This was such a fantastic deal that I couldn't even feel guilty about spending the money at such a dubious time (what with my imminent home purchase and all).  My female readers, gamers or not, are sure to sympathize with me...when a deal's that good you just can't pass it up!  So while I might have done a bad thing, I saved oh so good while doing it.
 Rock band 2

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Love the picture, of course you picked one with Tootles in it. LOL

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