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Let There Be Construction (Day 1)!

Amanda Bar Construction on my master bathroom has officially kicked off this morning, as I eventually decided to go with Mr. Blue (the second, and more expensive, tile installer).  Today was focused on demolition; observe the before and after of the floor of my shower:


You'll have to excuse the funny angle on the "AFTER" picture - by that point the surrounding floor had been coated with a layer of glue and I thoroughly ruined a good pair of flip-flops trying to tiptoe my way close enough to get a picture.

The tile installer had originally quoted an estimate at $1900, but with some new additions to our plans the price has come up a bit to $2200 - a price that is not including light installation, and not including painting (I have yet to get an estimate as far as the lighting, but he more or less priced the paint job at an additional $100).  Also, the installer surprised me by asking me to go with him to Home Depot to purchase additional supplies for the final construction (sheet rock, some metal piping, a drain, etc.)...all of this additional to the $2200 base fee.  Considering this surprise shopping trip, you would think he could have told me about this before I gave the word "go" on having him do my bathroom - $300 for additional materials is no light matter, and should have been included in the estimate price.  However, I'm just so relieved to get this project rolling that I suppose I can handle a few snags at the onset...as long as the rest of this bathroom business runs (ahem) smoothly.

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howard cushman

stupid is as stupid does, if u let your tile contractor rip u off for materials then u deserve what u get, i can already see the out come, being a contractor i seen this type of pratice,I do not tolorate this, who wrote the contract? Even a standard form contract begins with "we will provide all labor and materials to complete the following" Oh well! live and learn,(you should have hired a general contractor) you'll spend more money and time managing the work yourself.


Hello Howard,

How about you offer me some quotes so that I can compare? Calling me stupid might be fun, but not really productive as far as affording me a "learning experience". For all I know the $2200 I'm paying for installation - even including the additional $200 for having to buy supplies - is quite a deal.

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