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A taxing situation

Name bar Are you a late summer or fall baby? Give yourself a present: If your birthday is between now and Nov. 30 (and you live in Florida), you can save a few bucks by renewing your drivers license or vehicle registration or license plate asap.

On Sep. 1, the state is hiking the prices for these items -- to make up for the economic mess we're in that's cut income from other taxes.

You can go to your tax collector's office (find a list of them here) for registrations and titles, visit the DMV if you need to replace your license or visit GoRenew.com. (But beware. One user said GoRenew is already using the NEW prices. And when I just tried it, the site said it was temporarily unavailable for site maintenance.)

If you visit a private tag agency, they might charge more than a government location.

You can actually renew your registration for two years all at once, and pay the current prices for each year.

If you're wondering how good the savings are, one tax collector offers a comparison of the current and coming prices. Here's an example: If you have a Honda Civic, the current price of registration is $28.10. On Sept. 1, it will be $46.65.

Let me know if you manage to save some cash by renewing early!

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