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And The Construction Goes On... (Day 7)

Amanda Bar

It's been a week since construction started in my master bathroom, and you can finally start to see some progress being made with the tile installation.  A lot of time was spent in demolition - removing the old vanity, shower tiles, and toilet - and now we finally get to the good stuff.  While the walls are still bare, tile placement has begun on the floor of the shower:

With the shower being slowly pieced together, it was time to finally settle on a decision as to what type of shower door I wanted.  The previous glass shower door had been removed before I purchased the house (presumably because it was cracked and/or broken) so I didn't even have a frame to work with.  Also, I had heard that because of the economy I might be able to find some good deals on previously expensive options - most notably, the frameless swing-door showers, as opposed to the more common sliders - and I had been debating with myself for awhile if I should splurge the extra money for the sake of quality.

I traveled to two showrooms in order to obtain quotes on a somewhat standard (so I'm told) 57" x 72" shower door.  The initial estimate?  $1260.  While I can't argue that the price isn't worth the quality, that's almost twice as much as I'm rationally willing to spend.  We were even shown a shower door that was listed at a whopping $2530, a price that I cannot even begin to understand the reasoning behind (seriously, would it lather my hair for me or something?).  Needless to say, I ran over to Lowe's with my tail tucked between my legs and scooped up the nicest looking Kohler shower doors that suited my needs.  Final sales price?  A practically perfect (and reasonable) $329.

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