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Bathroom Construction Comes to A Close (Day 16)

Amanda Bar
The final project to be taken care of in my new master bathroom has finally gone up yesterday - the vanity!  Last time I updated I posted a picture of the tile-work they had done on the vanity wall, and with that secure and in place they were able to attach the floating countertop w/ sink, the mirror, and a floating side cabinet (the side of which is somewhat visible to the right if you expand the picture below).


Still apparent in the picture are some little details that need to be fixed before we can officially label this project as complete, but it's my understanding that all of that (putting up light fixtures, attaching towel racks, etc.) was completed early this morning.  One problem that has sprung up, however, that I'll have to deal with on my own is this: as you can see in the picture, one of the water pipes is visible from beneath the vanity.  We were hoping that the vanity would be sitting low enough that it would conceal this piece of PVC, but unfortunately you don't even have to bend over to see it - it's rather clearly visible.  My father and I are going to have to come up with a solution to conceal this unattractive element - one that hopefully can be accomplished easily & cheaply.  At the very least (and to minimize cost) we can get a larger PVC pipe, paint it, and slip it over the existing one.

Pictures of the completed shower shall be forthcoming! 

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remodeling - it certainly is an adventure - thinking about doing my bathrooms. If you are willing to share would love to know the total cost of the remodel and of course how big is your bathroom - from pictures posted it looks like a winner once completed of course and some clever hiding of the pipe by the sink.



What tile did you use for the wall. Was it expensive? Where did you get it??

Amanda Conwell

Hello Angelica,

I purchased the tile at Porcelanosa in Doral, FL.


It was somewhat expensive, though I don't have the exact figures on hand. Here are links to the individual tiles I used:

Floor -

Glass bubble mosaic -

Wall tile -

Hopes this helps!

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