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Boys' Night Out

Kevin Herald Blog Last week, my friends Sean and Erin finally decided to tie the knot, which meant only one thing. BACHELOR PARTY!

Limo Party

Obviously going in I knew a Bachelor Party would run me more than just a few dollars. Between food, drinks, cover charges and dances referring to particular parts of the body, the total ran me well over $250. Not bad for a guy without a job though. Here's some advice if you're planning a Last Night Out any time soon.

First, I highly suggest renting a limo. This can cost quite a bit; the most expensive part of the night actually. Depending on how long you're out, what size of limo and tip for the driver, expect to pay over $300 there alone. Thankfully in our case my wealthier, employed roommate took care of the entire limo expense. But a limo benefits for a number of reasons. First, no designated driver. This allows everyone to really cut loose and enjoy themselves without the worry of who drives home afterward. Also, if you're unfamiliar with the area, a good limo driver knows all the great spots to hit and plans out a fantastic evening. Finally, with a limo, the party really never stops. Even when heading from one destination to the next, we all enjoyed some tasty beverages and rocked out to my Get Pumped Mix.

Next, without question the more the merrier, but also the more the cheaper. I'm not saying get every random person to join you all on your night out, but a good sized group definitely drops the price a bit. The food got split between us all (sans Bachelor, of course), paying for shots rotated amongst the group, and we all purchased those aforementioned dances for each other rather than buy them for ourselves.

Finally, be sure the exploit the fact that it's a Bachelor Party wherever you go. We got a private room at the sports bar, complete with our own pool table. The Bachelor got in free to the clubs. And, as long as its not for the entire group, the bartender gives a few shots on the house.

Anyway, the entire night definitely costs everyone quite a bit, but when it comes to things like this, money doesn't matter too much. This kind of fun builds so many great memories with so many great friends that paying a bit more is not only worth it, but is almost a deal.

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For my friend Ashley's bachelorette party I found it to be quite the opposite: one of the ladies attending (Allison) both lived in the area, and didn't drink. By having her be our DD we ended up saving money on a car in which we spent a total of 20 minutes...thus affording more money for the all-important liquor...and she knew exactly where she was going.

However, I understand that most bachelor/bachelorette party attendees might not be as obliging. In that case, Ashley's mother offered up her services in shuttling us around and dropping us off. Anyways, it was only four girls - splitting the cost of a limo for four/five hours would have been insane.

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