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Constructing the Ultimate Bathroom (Day 13)

Amanda Bar
We're now at day 13 of my master bathroom construction, and thankfully in over a week no surprise additions to the original price of the labor & parts has reared it's costly head.  With the assistance of my father and stepmother, my portion of this renovation should end up costing me $2200.  This week, the tile wall behind my vanity (which has yet to be installed) has gone up:
Vanity wall
A ribbon of the glass bubble tile that I'm using in my shower has been placed as a really neat accent detail, as you can see - it was a pricey addition ($36 a sq. ft. for the glass) but the finished product looks fabulous.  The floor tile has also been set in place (also viewable in the above picture), but it still needs to be grouted.  While seeing my bathroom completely gutted was a cool sight on it's own, getting the chance to watch my dream bathroom take shape, one day at a time, is a really interesting experience.  I would love to be able to get started on more projects like this in the near and/or distant future (my new home certainly could use a few more aesthetic nips & tucks), but for now my budget can only extend to this one major room re-do.

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