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Flying high with GameFly

Kevin Herald Blog Along with being an avid television viewer, movie watcher, comic reader, book aficionado, cartoonist, internet surfer, freelancer... grocery shopper? I'm also big on video games--those wonderful interactive simulations that allow us to experience various manners of adventure, from battling against a zombie infection in Resident Evil to fighting your way to freedom in Bioshock to saving the entire universe in Mass Effect. Playing a great video game that really pulls you into the story and features some intuitive and insanely fun gameplay brings a pleasure rarely found in the monotony of everyday life. Not that I'm, you know, obsessed or anything...


Unfortunately, being unemployed coupled with the fact that the current generation of games cost around $60, I find myself these days purchasing less and less games in fear of spending the few dollars I have left on a game whose mechanics make you feel like slipping on a helmet and running headfirst straight into the nearest wall. Thankfully, I managed to stumble my way into a situation that both satiates my ravenous appetite and costs me absolutely nothing.

My roommate shares my passion for video games, and as I've been the movie provider with my Netflix account, he decided to sign up for the video game equivalent of the internet based delivery service: GameFly. With GameFly, subscribers pay a monthly membership fee and receives games in the mail. Once finished, you return the game in the provided envelope (postage already paid) and then the company sends you the next game on your list. For one game, you pay $8.95 for the first month and then $15.95 in the subsequent months. For two games, it's $12.95 for month one and then $22.95 then on.

For those interested in investing in GameFly I do have some advice. First, I definitely recommend going for the one game option as opposed to the two game one. While it saves money, I really see no point in getting two games at once. I'm the type that enjoys playing one game all the way through before moving onto the next. So, unless you suffer from a case of video gaming ADD, getting two games at once really provides no benefit. Secondly, for those looking to get the latest games immediately, be warned that recent releases often get "sold out" rather fast. That is, even though a new release is No. 1 on your list, you may not get it because they've already sent out all their copies. Sure you can just play another game on your list in the meantime, but if you want the newest games now, you might run into some problems.

Overall, I rate the whole GameFly thing pretty highly--mostly because it costs me nothing. So, if you want a quick fix for video games or want to test out a game before making a purchase, try it out.

Or just find a friend and convince them to do so.

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Jim Gibbons!

Kevin...I love you...but hey, you better gchat me...or everything you said here matters not! Did I mention I love you? I do.


I'd hardly categorize Bioshock as a "fight for your freedom" videogame. Pishaw!

I also find it funny how you don't use what your are given by actually PLAYING these games. My gamerscore is untouchable.

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