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Get Your Cash for Your Clunker, Before It's Too Late

Kevin Herald Blog For those considering the Cash for Clunkers program touted on news programs and around office coolers, make up your mind quick because the widely successful program comes to a close this Monday, August 24, at 8 pm EST.

Put in place to help stimulate the faltering auto industry and American economy in general, Cash for Clunkers allows people to trade in their old vehicle for a rebate of up to $4,500. The program also sets you up with a new car, which you pay the difference to. Two of my friends already partook in this opportunity and came out very pleased with the whole process. The best benefit for this program, besides getting money for a new car from your old, busted up one, comes from the benefit of trading in a gas-guzzling vehicle like a truck of SUV for a much more fuel-efficient passenger car.

For more information, head over to Cars.gov for Dealer Locations, contact information and more on the program. I also highly suggest getting out to your nearest location as early as possible as many people will probably be showing up on Monday morning for some last minute cash for their clunker.

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