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Online Deals For Pricey Entertainment

Amanda Bar
Heads up to any and all gamers out there - what with the Playstation 3 and the X-Box 360 Elite now competing with each other after both consoles dropped in price, Microsoft seems to be sweetening the deal with a special price cut in games via Best Buy online.

When shopping on their website, you can get 50%-off an X-Box game title when you purchase a full price game.  Most new X-Box 360 titles sell for $59.99, so a half-off discount is a huge chunk of savings.  And the price-cut isn't the only sweet deal: the second game can be any of your choice, whether it's a title that's brand new on the shelves (ex: Batman: Arkham Asylum) or even a pre-order (ex: Mass Effect 2) - you're not limited to older games!  The selection is huge for a sale this good, especially considering that the list of games available for pre-order encompass titles whose release dates go well into 2010. 

Note: I have no clue how long this sale is going to last, so check it out.  I wish I had come across this bargain sooner - just this Sunday I went out and bought three games, spur of the moment; I could have saved 50% (about $30!) on one of them!  And not only that, the shipping is free, too.  (Ow. I think my hindsight just kicked me in the shin...)  And even if you yourself are not a gamer, this could prove useful for some early Christmas/Hannukah shopping ideas.

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Adrian Ruhi

The deal is in stores too (pre-orders can only be done online, though) and lasts until Saturday. If you want an extra crazy deal, when you buy Guitar Hero 5, it comes with a redemption code to get Guitar Hero: Van Halen (which comes out in a few months) for free. So technically, you can get Guitar Hero 5 for $30 (as the second game), and then get Van Halen for free in the mail in a few months. Three games for $90.

Amanda Conwell

Hello Adrian,

Thanks for the info! That Guitar Hero 5 deal is also awesome, because even if you don't like Van Halen you can trade-in the game at GameStop.

Adrian Ruhi

The dream is dead: Bestbuy.com no longer lets you do the deal with preorders, only games that are in stores already.

Robert Roderick

I missed the deal, had no cash :-( Oh well, maybe next time


I'm gonna be there anyway.

notebook comnputers

the longer i leave browsing the net the more often i miss deals like this. oh well


Notebook Comnputers -

There are certain websites I know of that keep track of these limited time deals... DealCatcher.com, for example. You might want to check them out every now and then! :)


throw pillow covers

yep, i agree the dream is def dead. For now anyway


i love gaming. for me it is one of pleasure things i can do. next week, i'm gonna be there :)

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