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Fast Food Freebies @ Arby's

Amanda Bar
Either due to poor advertising or my own lack of an attention span, apparently I’ve been missing out on a summer-long promotion at Arby’s declaring “Wednesday Freebies”.  Every Wednesday of every week between May and August you get a free sandwich/beverage with any soft drink/sandwich purchase.  I’ve been to Arby’s perhaps twice in my entire life, but this is a pretty great deal.  Unfortunately there are only three Wednesday’s remaining in the promo-period!  Tomorrow (the 12th) you can pick up a free Roast Chicken Club, no coupons necessary and the usual “limit one per person” - all you need to do is buy a soft drink (no size specified).  The remaining two Wednesdays feature a free Iced FruiTea on the 19th (with the purchase of any sandwich), and a free Beef’ n Cheddar on the 26th (with the purchase of a soft drink).  Keep in mind, though, that this offer is only valid at participating stores - but considering that I first heard about this promo via the Today in South Florida morning show I think that local Arby's should be a safe bet.  Go out and get yours while this awesome deal lasts!


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Splitting Hairs Over Quality

Amanda Bar
Ursula gracey 2 Even with my master bathroom renovation tearing at my savings, I still have my impending October Disney World trip on the brain.  As in the past two years, myself and a gaggle of friends are attending Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween parade in full costume.  This year I chose The Little Mermaid’s Ursula - a rather difficult choice since I am left making my costume almost entirely from scratch (and if ANYONE has any sewing advice on how to construct the perfect octopus tentacle…email me, by all means!).  One thing I decided early on was to buy a wig for my costume, as opposed to using temporary dye or spray to achieve Ursula’s trademark white locks.  When I checked about a month ago I saw that Disney offered an official Ursula wig on their website, and it just so happened to miraculously be on sale for the can’t-beat-it-with-a-stick price of $3.99!  However, upon receiving the wig, I understood why it was so cheap; I looked less like Ursula and more like Doc Brown from Back To The Future, with plastic hair shooting up in all directions.  (To the top-right you can observe my obliging niece modeling the wig.)

Browsing through eBay I came across some equally cheap alternatives, but going the cheap route with the official Disney wig left a bad taste in my mouth (or rather, on my head).  I ended up taking a chance with a slightly more expensive wig ($27.50, shipping & handling included) and I am more than pleased with the results.  The hair actually feels like hair, and the portion of the wig that fits over my scalp is made of stretch-fabric and is easily adjustable.  Though almost seven times the cost of the first wig, the hike in price is most definitely justified. 

(End Note: Did anyone notice that this is a very oddball parallel to my recent shower door debate?)

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And The Construction Goes On... (Day 7)

Amanda Bar

It's been a week since construction started in my master bathroom, and you can finally start to see some progress being made with the tile installation.  A lot of time was spent in demolition - removing the old vanity, shower tiles, and toilet - and now we finally get to the good stuff.  While the walls are still bare, tile placement has begun on the floor of the shower:

With the shower being slowly pieced together, it was time to finally settle on a decision as to what type of shower door I wanted.  The previous glass shower door had been removed before I purchased the house (presumably because it was cracked and/or broken) so I didn't even have a frame to work with.  Also, I had heard that because of the economy I might be able to find some good deals on previously expensive options - most notably, the frameless swing-door showers, as opposed to the more common sliders - and I had been debating with myself for awhile if I should splurge the extra money for the sake of quality.

I traveled to two showrooms in order to obtain quotes on a somewhat standard (so I'm told) 57" x 72" shower door.  The initial estimate?  $1260.  While I can't argue that the price isn't worth the quality, that's almost twice as much as I'm rationally willing to spend.  We were even shown a shower door that was listed at a whopping $2530, a price that I cannot even begin to understand the reasoning behind (seriously, would it lather my hair for me or something?).  Needless to say, I ran over to Lowe's with my tail tucked between my legs and scooped up the nicest looking Kohler shower doors that suited my needs.  Final sales price?  A practically perfect (and reasonable) $329.

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The Expensive Purr-fect Companion

Kevin Bar While at my friends' lake house this past weekend I met the most adorable kitty ever:


While hanging out on the deck really late one night, this cat comes wondering over and starts purring like crazy and playing with us. The house owners never saw her before and although she had a collar, there was no tag. I petted her for the rest of the night before we all headed into the house to sleep. The next night she comes by again and I spent a good two and a half hours playing with her and keeping her company. While she nibbled on my finger and headbutted me adorably, I began to consider what to do if she had no owner. I honestly thought about taking her home with me because she was just so cute and affectionate. I even named her Casserole. However, as much as I adored her, would I really be able to afford a pet?

I remember Amanda mentioning she paid $80 for Tootles, but although Casserole would be pretty much free, I'd definitely have to take her to vet to get her checked out and those bills can run pretty dang high depending. Then there's the problem of food. I can hardly afford to feed myself let alone a growing kitty. I'm not exactly too sure the cost of cat food, though. A quick search shows I can get a 24 pack of Friskies for around $20, but I have no idea what that means. I have no idea how many cans a cat goes through a day, but I'm pretty sure it's more than one. That might only equal out to a week supply for all I know. Then there's the kitty litter. I'd have to buy a little bathroom for her and probably a tiny little bed or something. Then there's the whole thing about me being allergic to cats. Not only would I have to spend a ton on medication, but then I'd be one of those crazy cat people. Keeping Casserole began to seem like a way too high expense, but then there's this:


The next morning, the house owners sent out an e-mail to the neighborhood about Casserole coming by for the past two days and asked if anyone owned her. I didn't see Casserole again that night. I can only assume her owners probably kept her in the house. What do you all think? If Casserole didn't have an owner, should I have taken her home?

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