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The Notebook (with more Tech and sadly less Rachel McAdams)

Kevin Herald Blog Last Sunday, tragedy struck: my laptop--the sole source of my computer-y goodness, holder of my iTunes library, countless digital pictures and...other things--freaked the heck out. After I went through a considerable amount of shock (re: me screaming, "No, no. Dear god my other things, no!") it was time to diagnose. And with this guy unavailable, it was up to me.

Basically, the LCD screen on my computer went out. The computer turned on, but nothing came up on the screen. In order to further inspect I hooked my laptop up to my roommate's monitor, and the start up screen showed up there, showing the CPU more or less still functioned. However, whenever I tried to start Windows normally, the computer gave me a blue screen and did a physical memory dump. In other words, my computer had some serious issues with its sight (the LCD screen) and possibly its brain (the hard drive).

The next day, I took the computer to Best Buy's Geek Squad. Amanda warned me they tend to charge and arm and a leg (which apparently costs around $200) to check out your computer. But at this point, I had no choice. I needed it fixed. After all, I currently make my living freelancing, which involving writing stories and e-mailing them to editors. Well, no worries, I didn't have to pay $200 to get the computer fixed. I paid $700 for a new computer!

The guys at Best Buy said my laptop was too far gone to fix, so I needed to get a new one ASAP. I looked around Best Buy and although laptop prices ranged from $400 to over $1000, I found one both reasonably priced and equipped with my technological bare necessities. It's a little smaller physically, but contains a lot of power....

Annnnyway, Best Buy sells a lot of different computer brands, but if you're looking for a new laptop, I suggest Toshiba. They're a great brand that experiences very little problems. Also, the reason I ended up paying $700 was because I wanted a laptop with a really good graphics card, as I play online games every now and then. If you don't play or know what WoW or LotR Online means, don't cough up the extra dough for something you really won't use. Those laptops that you see around $1200 are usually that expensive because they contain a high-end graphics card, massive hard drive space and insane memory.

If you're the average consumer looking for a laptop, I recommend going for a Toshiba (or not if you have a die hard sense of brand loyalty) with a processor speed of around 2 GHz, 4 GB of memory and around 250 GB of hard drive space. The hard drive space is really flexible depending on how much you save onto your computer. I got a 500 GB hard drive because I tend to upload a lot of pictures from my digital camera and save a lot of other things (you know, television shows, downloading programs, music). For a basic model like that, expect to pay around $500, which is pretty good for what you're getting.

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