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A buck and gazelle...

Name bar Don't worry: I'm not about to tell you how they walked into a bar with some other wild creature.

I was cleaning out my house, which has way, way too much stuff, and hoping to make some moolah on at least some of my old junk.

The problem is, most of my stuff is, uh, junk. I have an antique printer, enough ugly T-shirts to clothe the entire Duggar family and a collection of worn-out shoes.

And a set of cell phones worthy of the Smithsonian for their variety in age and style.

I remembered reading somewhere about groups that will buy these old things -- or at least find a way to recycle the parts to keep them out of a landfill.

One of them, Gazelle, was willing to pay the shipping on my four old phones and send me $1 (1 buck!) on top of that.

It's not much, but the only thing I had to do was find an empty box and rid my old phones of any personal information. (Admittedly, one of the phones I had was so old I didn't even remember owning it and certainly didn't have the charger, so any phone numbers stored in there are now in the possession of Gazelle.)

If you have newer stuff, that's old to you, Gazelle might pay you more. Or, they might accept your items, but you have to pick up the shipping costs. If you have an obscure item, they might even add it to the types of gadgets they accept -- just ask.

And consider other services that are similar, and might command a different price than Gazelle. They were the only service I could find willing to take all of my old equipment. The extra buck was just plain nice.

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