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Bring On The Future

Kevin Herald Blog

As mentioned before, with my unemployment running out, I've gone on the hunt for a regular job around the area in which I live. With career opportunities few and far between--especially in the journalism front--I figured I could find a position as a cashier or customer service representative at the local restaurant or Best Buy. Well, let me tell you, my friends, the only thing more depressing than not being able to find a full-time, career-oriented job is not being able to find a regular old part-time gig.

It seems that even the minimum wage industry is also suffering big time from this unemployment bonanza as places like Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and even Regal Cinemas aren't hiring. And companies like Blockbuster find themselves in a double whammy as the economic downtime and rise of Netflix cause them to close over 20% of their stores. However, the future does seem somewhat bright. As the holidays approach, many retail outlets are going to be hiring for seasonal positions. Unfortunately, that's still at least a month away and I'm sure the competition will be rather steep.

And let's face it, when it comes to regular old customer service jobs, my degree won't exactly give me a better chance that Billy, off of school for winter break. And while a part-time gig would provide me with some income, what is the minimum wage these days? I remember working at Blockbuster and it was around $6.25, which is really nothing to survive on. Well, we'll see where things go. I most recently applied to Best Buy, and with my love electronics, it's my most ideal place to work behind Barnes & Noble. Well, as ideal as a minimum wage job can go anyway.

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Don't you get paid for this work?

Kevin Mahadeo

Hey Sebastian. Indeed I do! However, as with most freelance, it's only a bit of money here and there and not so much a full-time deal. In these times especially, living off freelance becomes a very rocky road. Sometimes the days are sweet and you get a decent amount of work. Other days you get practically no work. And with many other writers either losing their jobs or coming fresh out of college, the market becomes saturated with potential freelancers. Ideal for the people hiring, not really for those seeking.


Minimum wage is some what irrelevant it is not so much what employers have to pay per hour but more what will the consumer be willing to spend on that employers product or service. If retail stores feel ok about the holiday and next 6 months out look you will have no trouble finding a job and making plenty more than minimum wage. If on the other hand the out look remains grim you won't be able to find a job for 3.00 an hour. Also, check with shipping companies like UPS they hire seasonal workers and pay over minimum wage...you have to be suited for that type of work.

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