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Panic on the Home Front

Kevin Herald Blog Recently I discovered my Unemployment stops coming in at the end of September. After losing my mind in over the immediate panic from the situation, I crawled out from the corner in which I lay huddled in the fetal position rocking back and forth to better access the problem.

Unemployment provided me approximately $600 a month--a very helpful some of money considering it really provided the majority of my income. And by majority, I of course mean almost all of it. Without this sum of money I find myself in a few tight bind. I was already attempting to cut down on spending as much as humanly possible, but now I must tighten that belt even more. No more Boar's Head roast beef for me ($9.99 a pound). No dear friends, now it's down to regular Piggly Wiggly brand roast beef ($6.99 a pound). Although, to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of roast beef anyway. There's always chicken breast, which is cheaper and provides a healthy amount of protein itself.

In order to better compensate I've also tried to get a few more freelance gigs, which my good buddy Ben Morse has been helping with in ways I can never repay. The real dilemma for me comes in the need to obtain a part time job as soon as possible. I applied to a few places before, but never got a call back. However, without my monthly Unemployment, I definitely need one immediately. Unfortunately, with a part time gig, I am concerned it could possibly hinder my freelance work, as normally I have to work around the schedules of people I need to interview. Regardless, with the panic subsiding a bit (but believe me, still there) I know I must strap in and really prepare for the bumpy road ahead.

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Spending Your Way To Savings

Amanda Bar
This September the Pembroke Lakes Mall is having a special mall-wide promotion sponsored by TLC's What Not To Wear.  Between September 17th - 20th if you purchase items that total $75 or more you can earn yourself a $10 gift card, good for any store in the mall.  All you need to do to qualify is provide proof of purchases (aka receipts) totaling the listed amount, purchased between the listed dates & times (10am until mall closing on the 17th, 18th, and 19th; 12pm until one half-hour prior to mall closing on the 20th), as well as an event flyer that you can pick up at a designated "Shop Smart Zone" area inside of the mall.  This "Shop Smart Zone" also serves as the redemption station for this deal, so make a note of where it's located in the mall and remember to report there when you reach $75 or above.  Warning: the $75 amount is only valid if it is achieved without the use of coupons! 

And for those of you who don't feel like forking over $75, check out the Pembroke Lakes Mall website and find out what stores are hosting special offers during this event (regardless of participation).

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Labor Day Savings

Amanda Bar
The approach of Labor Day means the approach of Labor Day sales, and if you have trouble keeping track of them all there are a few helpful websites that list the wide variety of savings that you can find in various retailers.  DeaLighted.com and Dealspl.us are helpful tools for the savvy shopper who doesn't want to waste their time jumping from location to location, mindless of the sales.  Dealspl.us also provides a link to Labor Day printable coupons, so make sure you know which sales are dependent upon you supplying coupons.

Have a happy extended weekend, and happy savings!

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